who is purple bear?

Purple bear has been practicing yoga alongside his owner for over 7 years.  It started when his owner took him along to a class and placed him next to her mat.  At first, purple bear just sat in full lotus or laid down in savasana, but eventually, he began doing other poses (his favorite is the headstand).  Even when he is not meditating or practicing a flow of poses, purple bear uses yoga in his life.  He uses it to relax, to focus and to work through difficulties. 

Purple bear put together this site to offer his views on how yoga can change your life, and to also offer some links you may be interested in, including articles and e-books on the subject of yoga and general health.  Because purple bear's owner has worked as a yoga teacher, he is well aware of the difficulties of surviving on the meager hourly pay that most gyms and studios offer.  As such, he has also included a section on this website dedicated to helping you supplement your income.